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Recognizing the "small letter" side of the slash

I was asked a question yesterday that I couldn't really answer, which irks me. The question was: We have "covering ceremonies" for "Masters" who are recognized in their respective communities for their service to their communities. Why don't we have similar public recognition for slaves and submissive folk for the work they do for their communities?

The answer eluded me for a few reasons. I am well aware that the "covering ceremony" is a relatively new "tradition" that has developed and that wasn't always a part of Leather history or tradition. I also understand that in the past an experienced, knowledgeable slave or submissive carried more weigh respect-wise, than a novice Dominant or Master. Further, it has been my experience that many of the organizations that have had the most longevity and success in our communities are those who have heavy input by those on the small letter side of the slash, some even running more efficiently with them at the helm or very near it.

So, what is it? Has it been because of a more paternal and/or more heteronormative presence in the Leather community? Is it because of the pomposity of too many so-called "Masters" and "Dominants" who believe that the sole purpose of those on the other side of the slash is to serve? Do these narrow minded pompous folks not realize that leadership IS service?

Is there a reason why so many are quick to acknowledge the work of those on the big letter side while being reticent about giving credit and accolades to those on the small letter side who often are the core that keeps things moving? I think it's a question we need to explore beyond the few icons who always get mentioned.


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