Welcome.  I am Guy DeBrownsville, (pronouns: he/him) known in the BDSM and Leather community as Sir Guy.  I am a Leatherman.  I am a Dominant man.  I am a proud Black man with a deep love for my history, my culture and my heritage. I am a BDSM activist and educator. I am a historian of sorts, particularly when it comes to my culture both in and outside of this alternative lifestyle. It is my goal to educate people about BDSM in order to remove some of the stigma behind it and in order to support those for whom this lifestyle has appeal. 


I seek to help those who practice it keep in mind the safety of themselves and those with whom they interact, to do so mindfully and intelligently and to insure that it is all done via mutual consent... and to do so without forgetting it is fun and enjoyable for all involved.. 


I also wish to remind them that this lifestyle is not a utopia nor is it a panacea.  Those within it did not spring forth from Wakanda, come down from Mount Olympus, nor did they ascend from Atlantis.  They come out of this world and they bring along with the all of the positive and negative aspects of the societies from which they came.


It is my intent to help you navigate this lifestyle through open honest discussion, shared experiences and proven resources... in other words...REAL TALK!

​Sir Guy