About Sir Guy

Sir Guy is a proud Brooklyn native who has been out in the New York kink scene for well over a decade. He lives in a 24/7 power exchange relationship with his slave. He identifies as a poly Daddy and Master. In addition to being a uniform enthusiast, he is a former New York City police officer and New York State certified Emergency Medical Technician who has participated in rescue efforts at Ground Zero and at Hurricane Katrina. With a lifelong dedication to serving and helping others, Sir Guy volunteers his time to supporting and educating those in the BDSM community as well, particularly other kinky People of Color. He founded The Dark Lair which he hosts monthly as a safe space for BDSM education geared toward PoC and covering a wide variety of topics. Outside of the scene, Sir Guy also volunteers much of his time to help others with weekly groups devoted to assisting people with developmental disabilities enter the workforce and serving many hours leading tours at the World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan where he shares his personal story about the events that happened that day in 2001.


        He is an Emeritus Member of the Board of Directors of The Eulenspiegel Society (TES), Assistant Director of MAsT Metro New York, member of MAsT Edgewater Park and an Associate Member of ONYX NY/Northeast. Sir Guy is also one of the International Power Exchange 2013 winners. He has presented for over 30 organizations or events across the U.S. and in Canada and was honored to deliver the keynote address at Beyond Leather in 2014, the Our Traditions Live speech at Master/slave Conference 2015, and serve as head judge for the Western Canada Power Exchange Contest in 2015. Sir Guy was winner of the 2013 International Power Exchange contest, 2014 Beyond Leather Community Achievement Award and the 2005 TES Dominant Men/submissive women's Literary Contest. He is the author of a uniform themed BDSM erotic collection featuring People of Color entitled Sharp Interrogations: Erotic Tales of Uniform Discipline and more recently had the privilege of writing a chapter on the history of People of Color in consensual Master/slave relationships for the book Our Lives, Our History: Consensual Master/slave Relationships from Ancient Times to the 21st Century. Interviews with Sir Guy also appear in Dr. Gloria Brame’s Different Loving Too.


        Both in and out of the BDSM community, Sir Guy aims to educate others, give back to all of his communities, and inspire others to do the same. He believes that while members of any community are diverse and unique that by finding commonality, utilizing those individual strengths to build each other up, and standing together as a united whole, a group is made stronger and better as is each individual member.


Our Lives, Our History Now Available for Purchase